Brain or Heart, Which Will You Listen To?

Brain or Heart, Which Will You Listen To? Have you ever felt at some point in your life where for an example, your brain say yes, but deep down in your heart you should say no in the first place.

While growing up, I live my live and dream to be an astronaut. No laugh ok, but until some point in my growth, I stop dreaming about it, because my brain say its impossible in this life.

From that moment, “… my brain was telling me to be more reasonable and more realistic, which I rather regretted it now.” What I regret is that I gave up so easily about my future. I wasn’t even try. I want to be an astronaut, but then I wasn’t dare to catch it. And now, I- work as an accountant.

Astronaut bring hopes to peoples. Doctors saved lived. Accountant? Well, it did organize the company at least. But whats more important is doctors are always needed, as well as accountant. You need not to be shame of your profession. Its better than jobless!

I worked as an accountant, but did I fail in my life? No. Absolutely no. People can chase dreams, but whats more important is to be happy with your life. There is a chinese sayings that says, If you do not achieve, you have little worth as a human being. Mistakes are not well-tolerated. Failure is hushed and unspoken, swept under the rug if it does occur.

Therefore, we can turn out to be so scared of disappointment that we don’t take risks any longer. We avoid any risk in the event that we can. We can lead entirely stable lives, even cheerful ones. No issues at all things considered. Be that as it may, with regards to doing equity to our spirits and our identity intended to be, such lives are unremarkable. They undercut ourselves.

As a youngster, life is basic. You do what you adore. You have the opportunity to do that. You couldn’t care less about what other individuals think, or how this activity is going to profit you. You take care of business for the unadulterated pleasure in it.

As we change into autonomy and adulthood, more issues emerge. Step by step instructions to pay the bills. The most effective method to endure. The most effective method to discover our place in this world that requests everybody be arranged into particular little boxes, characterized by our vocations.

It’s tragic that we face a daily reality such that employments are not all rise to. In certain fields, for example, craftsmanship or music, in case you’re “bad enough,” you can’t “make it” and you may finish up starving in the city. At that point there are different employments that are dependably popular, the more secure ones.