A Little Adventure at MTC NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan

A Little Adventure at MTC NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan – I think there’s always some good and bad aspects of colleges anywhere in the world. When I first arrived at Taiwan, I got so nervous. And since I arrived at Taiwan just around 3 months ago, I try my best to adapt in new country with new culture and new language! I’m totally blind, I mean in language, I can’t speak what I want! OMG! But fyi, that was fun, very fun.

I attended a summer chinese learning class in Mandarin Training Centre, NTNU. This university is superb, have a good curriculum for international and local students alike. They have a very competent teacher that will guide us from the very bottom. So, it’s not a problem if your chinese language ability is zero, or know nothing, because here, in NTNU, they will guide you from the bottom! I think NTNU is the best choice, because NTNU, like every education system in university, very serious. Hard working and lots of stress. But hell NO, in NTNU, you will find a lot of fun, the classmate and the teacher is also fun. But things are better than others of course, the point is, in NTNU, they give you a path, a path to speak chinese in a fun way.

Although I said it’s fun to learn chinese in NTNU, it doesn’t mean that you can learn chinese language easily! NTNU just provide you a path, so it’s up to you to guide yourself. It’s up to you, if you are determine in what the teacher is saying or just coming here to play for fun. For me, I do both, I come to NTNU everyday with high enthusiasm to meet my teacher, and my classmate. I make jokes in class, and it’s fun. But still, I always hear what the teacher said, and keep joting down the important part and useful vocabulary that I might use in daily conversation. And Tadah, in 1-3 month of learning in NTNU, I can order any food that I like (before I always use 我要这个).

In NTNU, I am very lucky that my teacher can tolerate any simplified chinese word that I write. For example, when I write  这个, my teacher always correct me to use 這個. I don’t know why, but she says that in Taiwan, nobody use simplified. The next day I use 这个 tho. Some says, you can’t use 这个 in Taiwan because the simplified version is only used in mainland, not in Taiwan (it’s like some hatred toward mainland and vice versa, I understand, hatred can’t be erased so easily). Umm okay then, so every drama that I watched on internet has the simplified subtitle, so I will just keep it up and learn it by myself.

That’s to say, NTNU give you the chance to get better in Chinese, so if you want to pursue a higher education level of chinese, you need to push yourself, learn it everyday, and ask what you want to learn.

I myself, learn chinese from movies, chinese songs (Taiwanese song is so good, duh. 阿玲 A-Lin is my favourite Taiwanese singer!). Mainland singer is not bad either, 杜雯媞 is my favorite singer, she’s not that famous tho but I loved her songs, such as 空白世界, 你可以不愛我. I can recommend you a ton of good chinese singer! Like 莊心妍, 王詩安, and bla bla bla. Duh maybe next time. You can accessed to youtube and hear their songs in computer lab in 5th and 6th floor NTNU for free! In computer lab, they have provide you with drama in chinese subtitle, so I always go there after class (not everyday tho). Inside the computer lab, you can learn some chinese language, but sometimes, I don’t even bother to learn it, because I was too hooked up with the story itself that I forgot.

In NTNU they also have big class, more like an auditorium for mass learning purpose, and its free. Like I told you before, NTNU give you a path to learn chinese, they give you a lot of facilities for your need, and if you used it correctly and efficiently, it can be a big assets in the long run.

Love MTC! If you want to learn Chinese in fun way, MTC is the best option! Gonna cherish every moments I had in there! Visit MTC NTNU now!

so cute xD

boyfriend waiting area. lol

Sometimes this happen when I was bored in class.

so hot!


what I got from volunteer in Daan Gongyuan! So fun!

some Dota2 match when I was bored.



Taipei is so hot! It’s best to eat ice cream in this summer hell.


seriously, I saw this man many time in youtube ads, but finally I can see him in person.


thypoon in Taipei. But who cares anyway? XD


anime: 全职高手


youbike time.

I think this is the best part of Taiwan. They queued. I mean, come on, in my country, they rush in front of you when you were standing there 5 minutes ago. Educated and disciplined.