Why Dont I Have Motivation to Lose Weight? Get Yours Right Now

Congratulations! You came here, so it means you are 1 step closer to get back your motivation to where it belongs. This is important, I mean you want to have ideal weight, but all you could do is sitting over there, watching TV and keeping in mind that you will do it tomorrow. Our bodies need to move, so you need to do some sorts of sport to make it healthy. Being healthy and active is a must!

Getting motivation is easy at first, but as the times goes by, who knows? People change, people get lazy, keep saying tomorrow, or I gonna do it tommorow. Trust me, if you are saying like that, that tomorrow would never come. You need a mission, a vision. You need to know what you really want. If you just want to lose weight, just do it, what makes you to postpone it? Or you just do it because you follow your friend? What is it? You almost get your motivation back while you were watching TV on how to situp properly, every day, every night before going to sleep. I hate the word almost, like Ariana Grande said, almost is never enough!

You need to really know what you want! Well, in this article at least, we will look into some ideas to get your motivation back on track.

Why Dont I Have Motivation to Lose Weight?

Actually there are many reasons why we lose the motivation to lose weight. Trust me, you can get your motivation easier when you determine the reason for wanting to lose weight. People always have motivation to do something at the beginning. But the problem is, how to keep that motivation on your head and keep doing what you want.

Here is the first problem in which people lose their motivation to lose weight: They haven’t seen any difference. Okay, you mean, you want to lose weight in just your first try on lift weighting. That’s bullshit. Sorry, I mean, the results always take time, okay. Your motivation is the key for you to get there. You need to keep holding your key.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you doing.

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Motivation can trigger a number of emotions, making it pretty hard to get motivated. Some of the problem that keep making you lose the motivation is social environment. Here is the example, if you want to lose weight, and your friend keep asking you out together to eat cakes and sweet stuff, that is ridiculous. That’s okay if you keep doing exercise after it, but what if you gets lazy after eating some cakes, and abandoned the exercises session? Everyday? Then you are the victim of your own environment.

I don’t want to tell you to reject every friends that offer eating out with you. But at least, you need to determine your mission, your goals. So when your friend ask you out like, oh you can do it tomorrow, let’s just go out and get ice cream for now, you need to learn how to say, maybe next time okay.

Lets be honest with ourself, what makes you want to lose weight? Is it for fun? If it’s for fun, its not gonna work. You need to be committed. Motivation for weight loss will only hurt you if you are not committed. In the other hand, making a public commitment will help you accountable and enchance motivation.

So, the point is, you need to know what is your goals and why you want to do weight loss in the first place. What are your goals? Can you motivate yourself to do it till you reach your goals?