What is Anxiety Disorder And How To Stop Them

What is Anxiety Disorder And How To Stop Them – Every person in their lives, is believed will experiencing a stages where we feel so down and kinda feel like suicide. Anxiety will remains as an illness. An misunderstood illness. If you are somehow feel so depressed and experiencing a very deep anxiety, please, do not keep it to yourself. You need to discuss it with your parents, or your doctors. You need to tell a friend that you are feeling so down, because you might have got an anxiety disorder, and that is not a good thing!

Hold your horse! The most common mistake and misunderstanding concept about anxiety is that all anxiety is bad. But the truth is, a little bit of anxiety sometimes will helped you out. If we start to get anxious about an important event or tasks, or even exams, or job interviews, that’s our brain’s way to reminds us that you need to do better and to be prepared for the worst outcome.

This anxiety is kind of a gift from our brains that can trigger us when doing a fight or to response with all kind of situation that threatened your life, or your daily life.

However, a lot of anxiety will do harm to our mind. Especially when one think that they are in a burning building even though when we are perfectly safe. It’s like our brains and bodies start acting like they want. In other words, when the level of anxiety inappropriate, we are likely being haunted by danger, it’s called anxiety disorder!

What is Anxiety Disorder And How To Stop Them

Anxiety disorders could popped out for different reasons, typically bringing about their own. There are many kinds of anxiety disorder, and the most common kind of anxiety disorder is what a lot of people typically think of when they think of anxiety. At a certain of level, this anxiety disorder could include symptoms like insomnia, shortness of breath, tight chest, irregular heartbeat, trembling or shaking. Some anxiety disorder patients might also feel sense of doom and despair, or even questionable anger.

What is Anxiety Disorder And How To Stop Them

Besides anxiety disorders, there’s also panic disorder. Someone with a panic disorder will have a panic attacks even though these symptoms aren’t triggered by anything in particular. This panic attacks could be intense, coming up from nowhere and paralyzing you. It’s as if you are panicking over something that aren’t there, panic for nothing in particular.

Although the fear and stress that coming up when one suffer a panic attack could be incredibly powerful, it’s the physical sensations of an attack that are the most overwhelming. This sensations might includes chest pains, tingling sensations, hyperventilating, feeling chocked for a short of time, or run out of breath.

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This panic disorders sometimes happen when one feels like something bad is going to happen. The good news is, this panic disorder isn’t lasting forever and most likely happened within twenty minutes mark. Nothing bad will happen to you in the mean time, hopefully.

Now, the good news is, anxiety Disorder are treatable, and there are indeed a lots of things that you can do to stop anxiety from affecting your life. Please, help yourself to see some tips to avoid an anxiety.

  • Limit Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption
  • Try Chamomile Tea
  • Exercise
  • Breathing exercises every morning
  • Do Yoga or Meditation
  • Treatment
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

From all lists above, CBT are likely the most effective ways in tackling anxiety disorders. CBT is a directive, more into therapy in which your therapist will help you develop useful skills and strategies in managing and reducing the impact of your anxiety so that you can live a fulfilling and live a happy life. Besides, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of getting exercise. By exercising, you could get out everything inside of you into sweat, and get a fresh air to go inside of you. If you are afraid of outside world, do it inside room, and when the time comes, you will try exercising in the park, and talk to persons face in face. This could be very helpful to reduce your anxiety by confronting new people and let it be you.

One day, one step, one moment at a time, you can free yourself from the clutches of anxiety and begin to start your daily life.

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