Reasons Why We Need To Drink More Water

Reasons Why We Need To Drink More Water – In these days, especially at Taiwan, Taipei, everyone seems to carry a bottle of water everywhere they go. Why do such a thing? Because they realized the importance of water in our body. Whether its pure water or bubble tea or even soft drink, they always carry them in their bags. Sometimes, just sometimes, maybe we got tired when we drink water everyday and it seems it never enough. Yes, we do always need water as water is our fuel and source of energy. I admitted, sometimes, I do feel sluggish, I need to get up from my bed, and drink a cup of water in the kitchen, so I won’t bother to wait until I get very hydrated and drink a lot at once. But we need to remember the benefits of staying dehydrated with water, because stay our body hydrated would give you more natural energy (you don’t really need 5 cups of coffee at all!). Being hydrated would decreased hunger, weight balance, and better looked skin, naturally detoxing, and even maintain our mind to stay sharp and focus.

It’s a common knowledge that our body are consisted of water. So, it’s best to drink pure water rather than drink a soft drink which contains preservatives and saccharin. Anyway, why we need to drink water? I know drinking water can be boring because you do it like a chore.

Simply put, drinking water can be boring.

But it doesn’t mean you can live without drinking water!

So, what does water did in our body?

Well, drinking water helps you to maintain the balance of your body fluids. Your body is consisted of about 60% water, and the function of these water in your body is include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva (saliva is important, later on we will discussed it) and the maintenance of your body temperature.

When your body are low on fluids, your brain will triggers the body’s thirst mechanism, so when you feel like thirsty (even the¬†slightiest), it means your brain is telling you that your body are low on fluids. So, it’s best if you just follow your brain and drink a glass of water! How drinking a glass of water could make you tired?

On the other hand, drinking water can also help to control your calories. It’s believed that drinking water are the best strategy for losing weight. While drinking water doesn’t have any magical side effect to loss your weight, substituting it for higher calories beverages can actually help.

Drinking water can also helps energize muscle. Well, it might be hard to understand why about the mechanism. So I will just skipped it okay. Why? Because I, don’t understand as well. It’s my doctor who said so. But I know, drinking water can helps your skin looks good and fresh. Your skin are normally contains of water (you don’t need to check it, you can’t see it tho). So the more you drink water (don’t drink too much, drink once in a while, and don’t wait until you thirsty), the more you keep your skin healthy (your face also, woman read this!).

Reasons Why We Need To Drink More Water

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Last but not least, there are actually some tips to help you remember to drink water and keep hydrated.

  • Remember to drink water when you’ve done eating your meals and snacks.
  • Drink tea, while you are bored having tasteless water everyday, you can try having tea, because having tea is healthy as well.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. If your home is out of water, try find some fruits and vegetables. These things also contains water that will add to your hydration. About 20% of our fluids intake comes from foods.
  • Take a bottle of water with you, each time you go out (you can keep the bottle in your bag, or in your car) and you can drink it when you feel thirsty.
  • Keep your water cold. A really cold, icy water is usually looks more appealing than a warm water. This would make you eager to drink that water as if the water are telling you to drink them now. Keeping a cold water in the refrigerator will also help you stay hydrated in this summer hell.