Personal Goals Examples

There are a smart way to set your personal goals examples. I’ve learnt this along the way to achieving my goals – enlisting the help of friends, colleagues or experts as we tackle lifetime bad habits is bound to give us a better chance of success. You don’t need everyone in your life to know that you’re determined to achieve your goals, but it can helps if there’s someone, like your wife, your boyfriend, your soulmate, or your mom, to whom you can vent and who can remind you to “get back on the bus!” when you’ve temporarily jumped out from the bus. When you’ve determined to take action, take the following smart move into account.

S is for Specific.

For Example, instead of setting a goal of “I want to lose weight”, set yourself a specific goal like “I want to lose five kilograms this week”. If you want to climb or hike a mountain, start your research, set date and train for peak climbing fitness.

M is for measureable.

Don’t aim to “become healthy” or “less stressed”; instead, define a goal that can be measured while contributing to an improved eating, exercise or lifestyle plan. For example, aim to go to the gym for an hour three times a week, to visit your grandma once a week for an evening meal, or to nibble on no more than 200 grams of chocolate a week.

Personal Goals Examples

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A is for Achievable.

If you’ve never exercised in your life, don’t aim to compete in the 2018 Olympics games. Rather, buy yourself a pedometer and start walking, with a specific goal of so many steps a day. No need to aim for the stars – baby steps are better than sitting around thinking about achieving anything.

R is for Relevant.

Many of us choose goals that seem right, but are in fact wrong. A few weeks down the track the goals fail to inspire. Try to avoid making the same mistake – rather, choose goals that really “speak” to you.

Personal Goals Examples

T is for Time-Conscious.

Finally, be very clear in your mind about how much time you are giving yourself to achieve the goal. That way, you know when you’ve succeeded, failed or whether you need to work harder to make the deadline. Anything is possible, you know that. You simply need to want it badly enough. Further encouraging news is that the more efficient you become at curbing your urges, the better you become at exerting willpower in other areas of your life. So make a plan, get practising, and prove to yourself that you can.

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