How To Set Your Goals and Objectives Become Successful

How To Set Your Goals and Objectives Become Successful – One day, when you are getting home, you were surprised that your relatives are visiting your house and will be staying there for one week. Luckily your house is big enough for more people, but that’s not the problem. Okay, since it’s weekend and everyone is here, you might need to plan a small vacation when they are here for an unforgettable memories. Yes, a small vacation to the beach will be great. So, you will need to rent a modern minibus and drive from your current location to beach for a small trip. Beach is your goal and all the necessary steps like renting a minibus to get there are your objectives. You need to differ between goals and objectives, and above is a simple examples of that.

Okay, let me explain again what actually is goals about and what’s the difference between goals and objectives. A goal could be describe as your final destination, your dream. It’s the place where you want to be, a person you want to be, a situation in which you want to be – mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually.

A goal represents a future that we desire to happen and where we want to be (Beach is your goal in the case above.)

On the other hand, objectives are your ways and how going to achieve your goal. It’s about the process and how getting your goal. For any single goal, the might be many objectives, for examples, for you to going to the beach, you might need to rent a minibus, and you might need to book a cottage or a hotel just in case they want to have a longer vacation. There might be many objectives for a single goal, and there might also be a single objectives for a single goal, it depends on what your goals is.

Goals vs Objectives

If you are still feeling confused whether your goal is really a goal or objective, or still confused the difference between goals and objectives, keep this in mind, “Goals are usually answerable from the question of what.”

“What do you want to be in the future?”

“I want to be a pilot.”

On the other hand, Objectives are the the explanation or the process of how you achieved your goals. Objectives are usually answerable from the question of how.

“How are you being a pilot?”

“I am going for a special flight education”

Goals can be vague, qualitative statements that are somehow hard to measure. Sometimes you can’t even measure them because there’s no a limitation, you can’t measure your goals by either done/not done. For example, Napoleon once want to conquer Russia. It could be easily measured by done/not done, in this case, it wasn’t done.

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Still, there are goals that are considered unquantifiable. For example, “I want to be the best basketball player in the world.” or “I want to be successful in real-estate” or “I want to find my love” somewhat it doesn’t have a limitation and can’t be measured easily.

Objectives are completely measurable, specific enough for it to be considered done/not done. In the family vacation example mentioned above, where the goal to go to the beach, objectives provides a checkpoints that can be measured.

Goals: Go the beach from your house in 2 hours.

Objectives: Reach Gas Station (halfway to the beach) in 1 hour.

If somehow we don’t achieve the objectives you want, you might need to change something. Otherwise, you might not achieve your goal.

What is more important? Goals Or Objectives?

Okay, if you are paying attention of what I said above, this question will be ridiculous. Goals and objectives are simply two sides of the same coin. There are no value in having just one or the other side of coin. Only when we combine the both side, we could serve the purpose. Goals are there because there’s an objective. And there’s objectives because you set a goal. Objective are there to provide the way for us to achieve the goals. Without an objectives, a goal is just something that lives in our head, it just merely a dream. You can’t be a pilot by just sitting in your sofa all day all week. You need a progress, a objectives to achieve that goal to be a pilot.

It’s the same when you only have an objectives without goals. What the bloody hell are you doing practice math for 8 hours a day. For what reason? If you don’t set your goals, all your effort will only bring you to McDonald’s job. No offence. What I am trying to say is what the hell you practice math every day if you are going to work at kitchen? It’s not relevant. It’s ridiculous. There’s no point in you to do that.

You need to set your goals. I want to be a professor. I want to be a math teacher. I want to be the best analyst, or mathematician in the world. That’s more like it.

“A man without a goal is like a ship that set sail to nowhere – always getting nowhere and never getting ‘there'”

Last but not the last, a goal without an objective is simply daydreaming – it’s a fantasy, vice versa. You need both, and with both, you will achieve your dream.

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