How Lack of Sleep Could Affect Your Health (And How to Turn Around)

How Lack of Sleep Could Affect Your Health (And How to Turn Around) – Sleep, sleep, sleep. I heard the sound of myself telling me to sleep every night, like hearing it over a broken record. All I need is a good sleep, can’t I? But the problem is, I can’t even sleep, yet I have a meeting schedule in my office tomorrow!

Fortunately, there are a few people in this world who can still functioning or performing well at a high level even with less sleep. But not everyone have this genetic, isn’t it? Let’s be honest, I think neither of us have those genetic.

Getting a nice (or at least good) sleep requires a proactive and it has to be natural. You can’t depend on some sleep drugs each time you want to sleep! Waking up either, it needs to be as natural as possible. Waking up tired while you just getting some rest is a problem. I could affect your health, your mood and your performance during the day.

You might have a several reason from this situation, such as, I love coffee, and I can’t lived without it, so when the night come, I drink it before going to sleep. Well, it’s your choice, but if you are having a sleeping issue, it’s not recommended to drink it before you gonna sleep. As much as you love coffee, or any energy drink that might gave you an extra consciousness, the choices always lies in your hand to change your patterns.

How lack of sleep could affect your performance AND health.

In today’s era where everything changed in a very fast paced, almost every workplace required a focus which means they need your brain to stay sharp. When you are tired,or when you don’t get enough sleep, your cognitive function decreases as a result of neurons (the basic building block cells of the brain) having trouble communicating properly. This might leads you to a temporary mental leap that could affect both of your memory, and your visual perception.

Okay, the easy way to explain it is, when you’re lack of sleep, you tend to be forgetful. You get distracted more easily and tend to lose focus. Your thinking ability might not as good as before. This situation is better known as brain fog. What bring this situation? A bad night of sleep.

How Lack of Sleep Could Affect Your Health

That’s not over yet. One bad night of sleep could also effect your health. Below is some issues when you couldn’t get enough sleep.

  • Heart disease – When don’t have enough sleep, your chances to got heart diseases is increases by 48% percent, including an elevated risk of heart attack.
  • High blood pressure – Believe it or not, when you get up tired because you don’t have enough sleep, your brain will be tired because it work too much without enough rest and it will pump up your blood pressure, it could cause your blood pressure to skyrocket, this is usually induced by both stress and low sleep.
  • Stroke – With your brain constantly exhausted and not be able to take a rest well overnight, it will make cause your chances of stroke increase by double.
  • Diabetes – Lack of sleep could also cause you nearly three times the risk for Type II diabetes.
  • Lower sex drive – Your partner probably won’t be a fan of this and neither will you. Your sex time will feel awkward, and you will feel nervous for no reason. Your brain just too exhausted to accomplished simple tasks.
  • Higher chance of depression – Your energy levels go down and in turn your outlook on life can take a hit. In fact, getting too much or too little sleep is usually the first sign of mental health issues.
  • Weight loss – Weight loss is another side effect of lack of sleep. Your body burn all the energy to cover up the exhausted “you”.
  • Decreased immune function – Here’s the big part, the immune system takes a big hit when you’re consistently lack of sleep. The truth is, you are 70% more likely to catch a cold and other diseases.

Fortunately, here I’ll show you several tricks that you might try to gain a proper night’s sleep. Don’t worry, this isn’t something that need a very long explanation. Ideally it should be something short (if you already read from the top).

  • Meditating for a few minutes. Meditating doesn’t always be something like yoga, it could be doing something relaxing, comfortably, sitting, as long as it makes your mind clear.
  • Sitting down and thinking about how your day went. It might not useful, but it could help your brain stay sharp by remembering things.
  • Write some journal. (Thinking about something you fond of might work as well).
  • Reading for around 20 minutes. It’s not necessary to read a book, it could be a comic, or e-book. This part is to make you feel relax, and make you tired enough too sleep. But remember, don’t too hooked up by that thing.
  • Do you hobby before going to sleep (but a relaxing one).
  • Never go to bed hungry. Grab 1-2 pieces bread or something to cover it up.
  • Listen to a melancholy music/instruments, but not a heavy one.
  • Go to bed with a “will”, (we tend to have a thought to sleep, but when we got to the bed, all we do is looking and scrolling your phone. Your brain always said, it’s only 5 minutes, but 5 minutes could fall longer to 30 minutes or more. You need to know that social media nowadays are very addictive. So, you seriously need some consistency and will.

Don’t Wait To Start

If you could start making changes today, why not do it today? If you keep on getting lack of sleep, it’ll end up becoming a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it’ll be hard to break. Stay consistent and make yourself discipline to do so. Make a routine, go to bed early is your choices.