5 Habit You Should Learn From Your Boyfriend

5 Habit You Should Learn From Your Boyfriend – Okay girls, we (women) must admit that there are some good things about you. Straight to the point. Here are the habit that women should learn from men.

  • His in the moment Vibe

We need to admit, this is kind of annoying when you want him to make a plan and he’s all, “Babe, I don’t know what I’m having for lunch, let alone what I will be doing in three months.” But it’s actually a good lesson in the art of Zen. Buddhist monks have built a whole religion around living in the moment, and the less you can dwell on the past or fret about the future, the happier you will be.

  • His Eating Style

What we love from his eating style is that they don’t feel guilty. They don’t even calculate the amount of time it’s been since they last ate and they don’t think about how it’s going to affect their body – they just eat! I mean, how happy I will be if I can eat everything without being fat. But there you are again, if your boyfriend love you only for your beautiful body, you need to rethink life. When you’re hungry, your body is telling you that it needs fuel, so it’s best to give them some premium steak or whatever they like!

5 Habit You Should Learn From Your Boyfriend

  • His Carefree, Laidback Attitude

We’d bet good money that a man coined the phrase, “No worries, mate!” This stress-free attitude sort of ties in with the whole living-in-the-moment deal, but it goes one step further by coupling the beliefs that nothing is too big of a problem and that everything will work out for the best. Tell yourself that enough times and you’ll start to believe it.

  • His Love For Motorbikes

Alright, perhaps you don’t want to get involves with something dangerous. Okay, but I’m not telling you girls, to ride a motorbike! That’s not what I mean. I mean, you need to see that most men do something that brings them loads of smiles. Guys make time to do things they enjoy, be it football, gaming, or knitting (Oh wait, they shouldn’t!), and they don’t compromise the time they want to sped doing it. How come? Because whether they know it or not, they are feeding their souls by doing something they love. Maybe you will get annoyed about your boyfriend who do gaming all the day. It’s true, but you need to see it in another perspective, how lucky they are, they could have been a drug dealer if they are not obsessed with gaming. Positive thinking!

  • His Ego!

For your information, they (men) don’t take any shit, in other word, they don’t do drama! Not happy with his job? He speaks up. Think the girl he’s seeing is higher maintenance than a Kardashian? He tells her to take a hike. But still, they are also a human being. If he doesn’t speak it up, don’t get angry or furious, maybe they need some times, or maybe it’s better left unspoken. But hey, dudes really do believe they deserve the best, and if a situation or person isn’t giving them that, they see no problem in talking about it or getting out. Team this killer confidence of your empathy and kindness and oh, the places you’ll go!

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