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    Shaanxi Province is under construction eighth Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation's state-owned housing construction general contracting business. Meanwhile, with the mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contracting, contracting a professional fire-fighting facilities construction, building decoration engineering contracting, engineering contracting and steel foundation and foundation engineering contractor level, municipal public works construction general contracting qualification. The company has a laboratory building materials, and through national metrology certification.

50 years, the company and outside of the construction of a large number of people's livelihood, major construction projects, forming a comprehensive construction capabilities. For high-rise, large span, deep foundation, building decoration and other construction has accumulated a wealth of experience; promote the use of new technologies, new materials, new technology has reached advanced level in the province. Since reform and opening, the company promoting "people-oriented, dedicated and trustworthy, construction quality, top-notch" entrepreneurial spirit, changing the operating mechanism, strengthen basic management, enterprise strength has been further enhanced. Construction by the company of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government Office Building, on the Hai Jinbo Court Building, Shanghai, Zhao Feng World Trade Building, Shaanxi Science and Technology Center sports stadium, renovated tomb a project, Yangling International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shaanxi Provincial Library, Shaanxi Museum of Natural History, Beijing and Shaanxi Building, Hanzhong telecommunications production floor, Anhui Tongling City Administration Building, Xi'an University of Science and Technology Information Center, Shaw, Shaanxi Province, high-rise residential building in Medical College, Xi'an, People's Procuratorate Technology Building, Yulin telecommunications production floor, Tongchuan for Bureau of integrated scheduling and other electrical building a number of influential works by owners and construction administrative departments alike. Eight won the "construction of key projects in Shaanxi Province advanced collective labor competition," the site in recent years, the company built a state-level civilization, civilization site 35 provincial, city (prefecture) level of civilization site 40, and he won the national "Luban "" National Quality Engineering Silver Medal, "Construction of Shaanxi Province" Chang'an Cup "award (provincial quality project), Shanghai" Magnolia "award, Anhui Province Construction" Huangshan Cup "Award (Province quality engineering), Anhui Province, Tongling City Project "all copper Cup" award (City high-quality project), the General Staff Quality Engineering Award, Xi'an construction work "Wild Goose Pagoda Cup" award (City high-quality project), scientific and technological progress awards; which the production floor, 2007 Yulin Telecom , G Z40 highway Mianxian Ningqiang two projects were awarded the 2007 "National Quality Engineering Silver Medal"; 2010 labor and social security service center of Xi'an, Shaanxi provincial authorities suburb residential area were awarded the 2nd Annual 2010 " National Quality Engineering Silver Medal "; 2010 Xi'an Municipal People's Procuratorate, business and technology building project by 2010 to 2011 China Construction project" Luban. "

We always adhere to "quality first, customer first" approach to business, corporate reputation further. Xi'an in 1995 was awarded the "AAA-grade enterprise quality credit rating," the State Council Development Research Center and was listed as "China's 500 largest scale construction enterprises"; Bureau of Shaanxi Province in 1996 was classified as "star enterprise in the construction industry in Shaanxi Province "; 1996-2010 by the provincial government, the provincial Industry and Commerce Administration awarded" Shaanxi Province, the contract, keep credit enterprise "; 2005 by the State Administration of Work Safety and the Federation of Trade Unions as" Ankang Cup "contest winning companies; 2007 by the State Administration for Industry as "National Trustworthy Enterprise"; promote the brand in 2008 by the National Commission awarded the "brilliant 30-year demonstration of China's construction enterprises in Shaanxi brand", "national brand to promote Shaanxi Committee Unit "; 2008 to 2011 for three consecutive years won the" Excellent Construction Enterprise province's construction industry, "the title; 2009-2011 consecutive years won the" Xi'an advanced construction enterprise "; by China in 2011 Construction Industry Federation as "2010 annual national construction safety in production advanced unit" and won the "2010 Annual National Excellent Construction Enterprise" title.

Companies to seriously implement the "insisted civilized construction, to achieve safe operation, construction quality engineering to provide quality service" management approach, customer satisfaction continues to increase. November 2011 the company adopted the Beijing New Century Certification Co., Ltd. GB/T19001-2008 quality management system, GB/T24001-2004 environmental management system, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
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